Strength in the Network

ISU Insurance Agency Network members control over $8.3B in written premiums across 220 agencies and 5,000 industry professionals.

We are the second largest insurance network in the country and always number one in reputation.

Quality Over Quantity

ISU’s focus is to add high quality members to our agency network. We carefully evaluate new members to assure their volume, growth, and loss ratios become assets to the network.

We look out for the group so you are always protected. See what our members have to say!

“Show me the money”

Our experienced team will help you analyze your current carrier compensation and compare it to ISU’s enhanced structures and determine your ROI. Unlike other Agency Networks, you choose which ISU carriers you want in order to win more new business, retain more clients and maximize revenue and profits.

As a result, our average ISU member experiences close to 400% ROI by their second year of membership.

No Hard Feelings

Some partnerships are not meant to be. If you become an ISU Insurance Agency Network  member and decide to leave, we only request a 10-day notice to terminate your membership.

Since we value your independence, you retain your business, clients, and relationships. No fine print will shackle you to our contracts because we are always transparent.

Benefits of your Membership

Revenue Growth

ISU handshake

Put a dollar in the machine and you get two back. Our contract is that simple.
When you choose to consolidate premiums with the agency network, our enhanced contracts will expand your current profit sharing and increase your top line.

Professional Insights

ISU Conference Keynote

Our community of industry experts are always happy to give advice. As independent agencies in our group, they understand why you joined ISU and face the same challenges you meet on a daily basis.

Elite Club

ISU 2019 Conference

 You will expand your professional network and create solid bonds through your membership. Our members enjoy exclusive conferences at no expense, and our carrier partners and vendors have always labeled our events as “best in the industry.”

Are you ready to join our club?

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