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“I had the privilege of working directly with ISU in some of their communication programs to member agencies and prospective agencies.  In a world, too often, seems focused on self-interest, ISU has built a culture around the belief that the success of individual agencies will assure the long-term success of ISU.  Apparently true — it’s been working for over 40 years.”.  –Bill Corbin, President, Enfront Marketing.

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“Just a note of THANKS for hosting an amazing event (2019 ISU National Conference).  This event was one I will never forget – I just can’t tell you how lucky and grateful we are as agents, to have a “Community” of incredible agents who care so much about the ISU Group. I am honored to be a part of it. Hope you all made it back safely and once again, Thank you for including me… Look forward to our next adventure.. “.  –John Berryman, ISU – Palos Verdes Insurance Agency.

“Just a short note to tell you (Charlie Taylor) how much we appreciated your talking to us about ISU last year.  As I am sure you know we did join, and our first year was  a great success.  I attended the conference in Orlando and I am 1000% sure that our decision to join will help us succeed in the future.  You were the start of the process to learn more about ISU and we were totally impressed with your presentation and honest approach”. Bob Feuerbacher, ISU Insurance Concept of St. Louis.

“I have to thank you (Charlie Taylor) again for your introduction and warm welcome to ISU, I still remember when I asked you face to face, “everything you are telling me looks too good to be true” and you responded “Yes this is the hardest sell at every agency”.  Yes it still holds today!!!  … We really appreciate the things you have done for us so far with a smiling face!”  David Wiznitzer, ISU JDI Brokerage Inc.

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What can an Agency expect with 6 months of work as a member with ISU?

We are thrilled! First of all keep in mind we have a $10,000,000 book on L&H business and are actively moving daily in the P&C space. The check amount enclosed is not meant to replace any of that income. What it represents to us is money that would have been left on the table if we were not a member of ISU. I was looking for our bonus releases with great anticipation. We came into ISU during the Back half of 2011 and I was hesitant on what the impact would be on myself and company. I had doubts that any business man would have with over 20 years developing a market presence. ISU has delivered all that was promised and as we approach the National Conference I am anticipating the meetings and speakers that you have put together.

The question is this: what can a small agency expect with 6 months of work as a member of ISU? They can expect getting the full value of a national firm while still keeping their local ownership and roots. With ISU you get more than a check, you get credibility in the market place and you also get resources that you would not have access to. I am proud to be an ISU member. 60% of our initial deposit was covered in our first year bonus alone, not to mention higher commission levels on some programs and access to others. Keep up the good work! Thanks to all for making our agency a success. – Michael Carmean, ISU Paragon Insurance Services

Up Front With Susan Potter: Principal of ISU Bob Gabriel Co. Insurance, Santa Monica Mirror, Posted Dec. 8,2011, 8:04:00 am.

“Since 1936 the ISU Bob Gabriel Company, founded by the late Robert Gabriel, has been serving the personal and business insurance needs of Santa Monica and the surrounding area. ISU Bob Gabriel Company is a member of the ISU Group, the nation’s largest franchise “network” of independent agencies and brokers. This affiliation gives the company national-sized strength and resources while retaining the high level of personal service that is characteristic of this independent, locally owned agency. ISU Bob Gabriel Company believes in personalized service and has kept that philosophy in practice for more than six decades.”

What are the advantages of the ISU Insurance Agency Network?

“With our unique affiliation through the ISU International network, we bring together the market clout of the fourth largest U.S. insurance broker. These benefits include access to more than 350 insurance companies, the expertise of insurance professionals in more than 100 ISU offices coast to coast, and the ISU resources for placement and service of insurance risks. We are proud to offer our clients the high level of personal interest inherent in an independently owned agency combined with the strength and resources of a national organization…. the best of both worlds.” For the entire interview click here: Potter, ISU Bob Gabriel Company Insurance

“I really appreciate ISU organizing meetings that bring fellow ISU Agencies together to network in an environment that is open and friendly. I learn a lot!” –Scott Marcoux, CORS, ISU Francis-Pinney Insurance Services

“I love working with ISU members because they are personable and professional.” – David Hormann, Allied Insurance

“I hope our membership appreciates what WE, collectively, have. With the quality of the membership and ISU administration we have a VERY effective group of professionals that actually impacts the bottom line of EVERYONE positively.” – Jerry Vande Sande, ISU Vansa Insurance Services

I love working with ISU members because they focus and appreciate quality first then price.” – Lisa-Anne Milligan, Travelers Insurance

“The ISU National Conference affords attendees the opportunity to network with like minded members who share a common goal of building bullet proof agencies. The ability to exchange ideas, foster new relationships and encourage those new to the insurance industry, speaks to the value of the independence, strength and unity that is ISU.” – Mike Nutter, CORS, ISU Insurance Services Armac Agency

“I love working with ISU because the members I have met are polite, hard-working and dedicated to protecting their clients’ best interests. ISU members are collectively the most professional, humble and straightforward group of agents I have had the pleasure of working with in my 18 years in insurance.” – Kari Odgen, R-T Specialty

“I sincerely believe this was the most informative and useful conference I have attended with ISU. The quality of presentations will make it a goal for me to bring others from my office to a conference.” – Randy Haddock, ISU Insurance Services Haddock & Associates

“I love working with ISU members because they are very cooperative and great to work with. Shout out to Carmen Blanco!” – Betty Louie-Liao, Berkshire Hathaway

“The interaction between Members, and Members with Vendors is extremely valuable. All of us are in “the same boat”, no matter what size each ISU Office is, or where they are located. All of the information is either new and very helpful for each office, or reinforces prior knowledge. I look forward to each of our annual ISU Conferences.” – Bob Watkins, ISU Lovering Insurance Services

“I love working with ISU members because of the ease of doing business and the knowledge that many of the members are instilled with in regards to coverages, forms, etc.” – Srikar Yendluri, Golden Eagle Insurance

“Great job! Steve and the entire ISU staff are to be commended for the excellent conference. You should all be placed in the ”winner’s circle”. Thank you.” – Bill Duncun, ISU Insurance Services The Olson Duncan Agency

“I love working with ISU members because they are all beautiful people. We started with very little premium and have built an empire! Our year-end 2010 So CA Select Accounts written premium totals $6,000,000. What’s not to love….! I consider so many of you friends not just business acquaintances. You are by far the most wonderful group of individuals I work with. And, you are all stuck with me for many more years because “I ain’t givin you up”!” – Kerrie Rivas-Baker, Travelers Insurance

“Every year we arrive in anticipation of things to come. We leave full of inspiration, new ideas, renewed friendships, never disappointed.” – Elizabeth Wadsworth, ISU Insurance Services The McMurtry & Bell Agency

“I love working with ISU members because they are some of the best agents in the industry!” – Karen Wolley, Hanover Insurance

“I came back to our office and shared the information I gathered with all of the other partners and our producers…I was all fired up and wished I had more time to visit with the carriers so I could bring back more information.” – Bill Bollinger, ISU Insurance Services Stanton & Associates

“I love working with ISU members because they are very professional and provide complete submissions. If we need additional info they get it back promptly. They make our jobs easier. They have some pretty interesting accounts too!!” – Rae Ellen Meeker, Seneca Insurance

“…presentations were the best we have ever had.” – Rich Hall, ISU Insurance Services The Streeter Brothers

“I love working with ISU members because they are professional and knowledgeable.” – Marti Dreiss, C N A

“I love working with ISU members because ISU members work as hard for Travelers as we do for them. Whether it be a large account or a small account, ISU members are constantly thinking of how and what business they can place with or keep with us. The members are professional with a sense of humor, understanding of our appetite, eager to give us the first shot or last look on renewals. I look forward to working with my agents every day! I also love the sense of ‘family’ I have with the ISU members. I can’t say enough about how much I love working with all of them!” – Ann Carruthers-McMahan, Travelers Insurance